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Cnco (Artist)

Pubblicità / tel: +39 3460730605


  • Band

Nationality: Miami, Florida USA

Date and place of birth:

  • Joel Pimentel de León February 28, 1999 Victorville, California, United State of American CA/USA
  • Richard Yashel Camacho Puello, January 22, 1997, New York City, United state of American NY/USA
  • Erick Brian Colón Arista, January 3, 2001 Havana, Cuba CU
  • Christopher Bryant Vélez Muñoz November 23, 1995 New Jersey, United state of American NJ/USA
  • Zabdiel De Jesús Colón December 13, 1997 Bayamon, Puerto Rico PR

Name surname members:

  • Joel Pimentel de León “Joel Pimentel”
  • Richard Yashel Camacho Puello “Richard Camacho”
  • Erick Brian Colón Arista “Erick Brian Colón”
  • Christopher Bryant Vélez Muñoz “Christopher Vélez”
  • Zabdiel De Jesús Colón “Zabdiel De Jesús”

Stage name:Cnco

Genre: Pop

Activity date:2015-active

Record Label:


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