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Genealogy (😀Artist)

Pubblicità / tel: +39 3460730605

Updating Profile: 12/12/2015 [mdi-icon name=”marker-check” size=”lg” color=”#f21f1f”]

Profile Language: ENG-ITA

Category: Singers

Nationality: Europe (Altounian Essaï) America (Tamar Kaprelian) Africa (Vahe Tilbian) Asia (Stephanie Topalian) Oceania (Mary-Jean O’doherty) Armenia (Inga Arshakyan)- Yerevan – Armenia

Date and place of birth: March 18, 1982 Yerevan-Armenia (Inga Arshakyan) November 5, 1980 (Altounian Essaï) April 2, 1982 (Mary-Jean O’Doherty) October 28, 1986 (Tamar Kaprelian) August 5, 1987 (Stephanie Topalian) May 2, 1980 (Vahe Tilbian)

Name, surname components: Altounian Essaï Inga Arshakyan-MaryJean O’DohertyStephanie TopalianTamar KaprelianVahe Tilbian

Stage name: Genealogy

Genre: Pop

Activity date: 2015-present

Label: Universal Music Group

Number published albums: 0

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