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Ladri Di Carrozzelle (Artist)



  • Band
    • Danilo Pacifici: Bass
    • Francesca Romana Lucci: Bass
    • Gian Marco Pia: Keyboard
    • Giuseppe Sblendorio: Battery
    • Massimiliano Colaizzi: Guitar
    • Orietta Contalini: Voice
    • Paolo Falessi: Guitar
    • Tiziana Civitani: Voice

Nationality: Italian

Date and place of birth:

  • Danilo Pacifici: Rome, Lazio, Italy ITA/EU
  • Francesca Romana Lucci: Frascati, Rome, Lazio, Italy ITA/EU
  • Gian Marco Pia: Frascati, Rome, Lazio, Italy ITA/EU
  • Giuseppe Sblendorio: Civitavecchia, lazio, Italy ITA /EU
  • Massimiliano Colaizzi: Rome, Lazio, Italy ITA/EU
  • Orietta Contalini: Grotta Ferrata, Lazio, Italy ITA / EU
  • Paolo Falessi: Frascati, Rome, Lazio, Italy ITA/EU
  • Tiziana Civitani: Guidonia Montecelio, Rome, Lazio, Italy ITA/EU

Name surname members:

  • Danilo Pacifici
  • Francesca Romana Lucci
  • Gian Marco Pia (Fonzie)
  • Giuseppe Sblendorio (Peppazzo)
  • Massimiliano Colaizzi
  • Orietta Contalini (Max)
  • Paolo Falessi (La socera)
  • Tiziana Civitani

Stage name: Ladri Di Carrozzelle


  • Rock
  • Pop

Activity date: 1989-active

Record Label:


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Contacts Store

  • C/o Cooperativa Arcobaleno Frascati Via San Francesco d’Assisi 3, 00044 Frascati, Roma, Italy
  • Contact: 335.6282910 (Paolo)
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