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Calibre 50 (Event)


Category: Band

  • Alejandro Gaxiola, (Tuba)
  • Armando Ramos, (Voice,Guitar)
  • Edén Muñoz, (Voice, Diatonic Accordion)
  • Erick García, (Drums)

Nationality: Mexico MX

Date and place of birth:

  • Alejandro Gaxiola
  • Armando Ramos
  • September 25, 1990 Los Mochis, Sinaloa, México MX (Edén Muñoz)
  • Erick García

Name surname members:

  • Alejandro Gaxiola
  • Armando Ramos
  • Edén Muñoz
  • Erick García

Stage name: Calibre 50

Genre: Banda

Activity date: 2010-active

Record Label:

  • Universal Music Group (2010-active)


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