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Home Project Studio (Recording Studios)


Name: Home Project Studio
Date Founded:2015
Place Home:
Via Pietro Ruggeri Da Stabello, 19/B 24123 Bergamo BG, Italy, EU
Record Studios
Site Web:


  • Shooting room of 18m² and a control room of 10m².
  • The recordings are made by HomeProject Studio and are in 24bit / 96kHz
  • Basic course: The basic course of Logic Pro X is aimed at users who intend to approach the use of the program.The course gives a broad overview of the uses and possibilities of Logic, and then zooms in on the individual advanced and shortcut functions.
  • Advanced course: The advanced course of Logic Pro X is aimed at users who have already become familiar with the program, or use it assiduously. The course aims to analyze all the advanced functions of the program to allow you to exploit all its potential .


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