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PWA Click Artist

Progressive Web App Click Artist| Our Click Artist website is officially a Progressive Web App (PWA) a new innovative standard.

The Progressive Web Apps are a new standard that allows you to have a light and safe application, without going through the various stores of the current operating systems for smartphones (Android – iOS) and PCs (Windows or macOS).

Main features:

  • Safety. All the pages consulted are based on the best of web technology and are served by HTTPS, thus guaranteeing 100% safe browsing.
  • Also available offline. Progressive Web Apps (PWA) also work offline, allowing you to browse the latest available content. If the application is opened for the first time in the absence of an active data network (without therefore any previously stored content), you will be redirected to a page that signals the lack of an internet connection.
  • Lightweight. Since it is not a native app (which can even weigh over 100 MB), one of its strengths is its lightness (much less than 1 MB). You can then use it on any smartphone, even if with little available memory, without affecting its performance.

How to download our Web App

Downloading the Click Artist Web App is very simple. Open your browser and type https://https://www.clickartista.com . At this point, if it is your first access, within a few seconds a warning popup will appear at the bottom of the screen inviting you to install / add the Web App on the HOME (notification that will only occur if it is the first time you access the our website and only with some compatible browsers, such as Chrome, and the new Microsoft Edge).

Alternatively, just go to the browser settings, select the “Add to HOME” item.

If you use the Mozilla browser (Firefox), instead of a warning popup, a new “house” icon will appear with a “+” sign inside (next to the URL bar). Just tap on the “+” symbol and the application will be installed on your smartphone.

Once the application is installed, just a tap on the icon to access it immediately.


Progressive Web Apps are compatible with the most used browsers, without distinction from the operating system:

  • Firefox for pc (from version 57)
  • Firefox for Android (from version 58)
  • Chrome for pc (from version 57)
  • Chrome for Android (from version 62)
  • Safari on iOS 11.3 and later.
  • Microsoft EDGE, (OS Android, Windows)
  • Samsung Interner Browser (OS Android )
  •  Brave Browser (Android OS).

Questions and answers

For any doubt or problem you can contact us by email or another method insert a comment at the bottom of the page. Here we will try to collect your most frequently asked questions and answer any doubts another .

  • Does downloading the Web App cost? No cost, the Web App is totally free. During operation and updates, it uses the internet connection active on your device like any other application. If you do not have a flat data rate, check consumption costs with your operator.
  • Does it work with iOS? Support for PWAs has only been implemented since iOS 11.3 and later. From this update onwards, Safari has naturally become compatible.
  • Does iOS support other browsers besides Safari? For the moment only Safari is compatible (always with iPhone and iPad updated to iOS 11.3 or later).
  • How do I uninstall? Following the same procedure as when you uninstall any other application on your Android or Apple smartphone or tablet.

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